Until Forever


Time comes alive, and is now here.

The Bride awaits. But oh, she sees Him! She reaches, longing for her Groom with her Love Life born of heaven. She breathes in a drawing inhale, refreshed within the divine aroma of Love’s aromatic wonder, the Flavor of Life Himself — Jesus Christ.

As He gazes into her eyes of Beauty, He sees Himself, for His bride has eyes only for her True Love. Yes! Within her heart of oneness, there is no other but Jesus Christ, her Lover, her All.

The Groom bestows upon her expressive lips, holy kisses of heaven, adorning her with His pearly essence of white, and she glows brighter than lightening strikes in the darkest night.

He comes! He comes to her, He swoops her up in His arms of Love, and He carries her into Him.

As they dance, even the heavens quake, and the sleeping awaken.

Glory completes all space of time, filling all the heavens and the earth.

Shouts of hallelujah ring, and the whole creation sings, “The Groom has taken His Bride, until forever they are One.”

Praises be to the Father of Glory!




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6 Comments on “Until Forever”

  1. Pam Frazier Says:

    What a glorious picture of the Groom and His Bride! This is the day I look for, His appearing to take His Bride for eternity! Love it!


  2. Jamal Jivanjee Says:


    This is stunningly beautiful. I think this line beautifully sums up ‘evangelism’ in the greatest way that I have ever heard:

    “As they dance, even the heavens quake and the sleeping awaken.”



  3. Kat Huff Says:


    Thank you. Yes, it is the dance of Life. And when He looks into the dovish eyes of His bride, He sees Himself. Christ in us, the Hope of Glory.


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