The Ever of Always

May 16, 2012

Kat’s Poetry

The Ever of Always

You are the joyful heart of our smiles,
And the soothing comfort in the fall of our tears.

You are the rhythm of the starlight’s frolic,
And the Sparkle of dew in the early morning light.

The Joy of wonderful is You.

You are who expands the universe within Him,
And the delicate tenderness of a flower bloom.

You are the thunderous Voice in the storm,
And the gentle whisper within our hearts.

The Awe of Beautiful is You.

You are the brilliant white of lightening strikes,
And the dancing colors of the northern lights.

You are the cool of the raindrops in Spring,
And the fiery warmth of Summer’s embrace.

The Passion of love is You.

You are the tune in the song of Love,
And the quiet rest of stilled refrain.

You are the exquisite splendor of the Unseen,
And the revealing in the vision of sight.

You are the rock of strength through our trials,
And the unbridled freedom of the roaming wind.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Ever of Always is You.

kat huff



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6 Comments on “The Ever of Always”

  1. Pamela Spock Says:

    Beautiful poem, Kat. And I add, of Christ…
    The Inspiration of Poetry is You.


  2. Jamal Jivanjee (@JamalJivanjee) Says:


    Thank you for writing this poem that so beautifully expresses that Christ is indeed all!


    • Kat Huff Says:


      Yes, Christ is ALL! If we only could grasp just a glimpse of the vastness of All. When I am writing, I often say to Father, “There are no words big enough. I cannot find a word that is big enough.” Christ is the endless More, never ending and never beginning, and yet He is always more. There is no measure in the human mind for the All that He Is. Thanks for your encouraging words!


  3. jimpuntney Says:

    I know you, but I want to know you more, and more…and more


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