Marie’s One Summer Day

Dear Precious One,

This is a writing about a day when I was seven years old, and on that one summer day, it pleasured Father to reveal His Son in me, and around me, and to me. This poetic writing sort of flowed in a child-like way, which is quite fitting, I suppose. This is the happening of one summer day:

Marie is her name,
The seventh born of ten,
Two blonde braids disheveled
Always barefoot then.

Quiet little country girl
Who’s shyer than shy,
Small, petite frame
With eyes blue as the sky.

Lived in the rolling hills
With run-down old homes.
Her toys were the woods,
Sticks, flowers, and stones.

Faded pink dress
With dirty face, hands, and feet.
As she came inside,
No one watching TV, what a treat!

She turned the channel,
Sat Indian style on the floor,
Waiting on commercials,
About three or four.

She gazed at the screen,
Engrossed to see
Men wearing long robes
And one not free.

One called Jesus Christ,
The Son of God.
Never heard of Him;
That was odd.

Jesus suffered with great pain;
Cut, bruised and bleeding
As He struggled to walk
Carrying a big, heavy, wooden thing.

Marie’s heart could not contain her pain
And her eyes filled with sorrow.
She cried out “Why, why, why?”
As her question of heart began to grow.

Why does God allow them
To hurt His Son?
Weeping uncontrollably,
What has He done?

Her tears began to overflow
Drenching her dirty little checks;
Mixing with the dirt,
Making clean streaks.

Jesus looked upon everyone
With love and kindness,
But Marie’s small frame
Shook with sadness.

Marie slumped over,
Whimpering a soft, weakened cry.
Someday, somehow,
Marie will know why He choose to die.

Marie ran to tell her older sister
All her heart could seek ─
Jesus the Christ, the Son of God.
Then, they baptized one another in the creek.

Father teaches her Christ everyday,
Even through the life of creation around her.
By the Spirit of Jesus Christ,
Marie began to know her question’s answer.

Looking back on long ago,
Upon that one summer day,
Marie remembers the moment of her birth,
And knows Jesus Christ lives inside her, even today.

Kat Marie Huff



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4 Comments on “Marie’s One Summer Day”

  1. Jim Puntney (@JimPuntney) Says:

    Every child of God has a story, all unique, yet that same, a response to the overwhelming love of Jesus the Christ, and life begins, and has no end, true Life.


  2. Pam Frazier Says:

    Have always loved this story Kat. It touches my heart in it’s simplicity of a child’s heart. Aren’t you blessed that Father chose to give you revelation at such an young age! And still today you carry that childlike faith that simply believes and trusts and loves beyond measure. Love you dearly sis.


    • Kat Huff Says:


      Sister, thank you very much for your extremely encouraging comment. I must say, Christ is my faith, Christ is my trust, and Christ is my love. I have none of my own, none at all, nothing of my own is of value but is, in fact, dead. It is Christ who lives in me. So you see, Christ is the Glory, always and ever Christ. I dearly appreciate your comment!


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