God did this! — Did you say Genesis?

July 20, 2012

Father's Timeless Intent

Yesterday, I went with my sister to her doctor’s appointment, a specialist who she doesn’t normally visit. My sister and me sat together in the waiting room. I began speaking to my sister about Jesus Christ revealed in John’s writing along with His revealing in the beginning of the Genesis writing.

The room was quite full, and there was an elderly couple sitting to my left in the row of seats against the wall. It wasn’t long into the conversation that the elderly gentleman said, “Did you say Genesis?” with an obvious eagerness. And I replied, “Yes, I did.”

This man began to tell me how that recently, people seem to be giving him bibles. Though, he sounded a bit frustrated, and he asked me where he should start reading. I told him, “John, the Gospel that John wrote.” I then told him why I suggested John’s writing. I made the comparison with example how Genesis starts with the days of creation, and also told him how John wrote the Gospel with using example of the same “In the beginning” also, and the next day and the next day.

I told him about the new creation in Christ. After that, this man began to tell me something with what seemed as an overwhelming frustration. He said there was someone from a certain institution of religion who told him that he could not get baptized, because he needed to study the bible for a few months first. He then went silent. I learned forward, and I told this man about the one baptism of Jesus Christ and what that baptism means. Right then, I sensed that this man who has never read the bible was nervous about reading it. And I told this man, ask Father to reveal Christ to you in that book of John. As you read, ask Him to reveal Himself to you. Only He can reveal Himself to you, just simply ask Him. Well, when I said that, this man sat straight up in his seat and smiled as big as I have ever seen a smile.

I sense that He knew more than he realized, only he didn’t have the words. He needed confirmation, and Father saw that he got it. He told me about this religion, and of a man who came to his house, and in such a way that he seemed quite distressed about the visiting man.

I couldn’t tell him what to do, and so, I told him about me. I told him that I do not believe in the religions, I believe in Jesus Christ. And I told him how I gather with other believers in homes. And wow, I got startled a little, because just as I finished my sentence, suddenly his wife jumped in the conversation with a whole lot of excitement, she seemed as though she was relieved of a great weight. She said, “God arranged for you to be right here, right at this time. He had you come here today for us. God did this!” She was absolutely elated. I looked at her face, she was so happy, happy by my sharing with her husband and her. Funny, I didn’t even speak to her, but him. At that time, I was going to say to him about some possibilities of water baptism, if that was on his heart. But just then, the nurse called us into the examining room.

I looked for them when I came out with my sister, but they were gone. Perhaps, they were called out, of the waiting room. So, that is how I met a brother and sister in Christ at a place that is suited just fine for such an encounter. Yesterday, Father did that.




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13 Comments on “God did this! — Did you say Genesis?”

  1. Pamela Says:

    Wow, what a Christ-heart-warming encounter! Thank you for sharing it. (And nice pic you found to go with it too!) 🙂


  2. Frank Prescott Says:

    That was a very inspiring story. If we could just realize the opportunities set before us each day. Sometimes I believe things are going on that we do not even realize. It is those times when, after the fact, we discern how Christ is working in us. As Jon Zens mentioned this week, Matt. 25:37 “Then the righteous will answer Him, ‘Lord, when did we see You hungry and feed You, or thirsty and give You something to drink? 38 When did we see You a stranger and take You in, or without clothes and clothe You? 39 When did we see You sick, or in prison, and visit You?’ 40 “And the King will answer them, ‘I assure you: Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me.’

    This is one way I define the grace of God as being God working in me, despite myself.

    Thank you for your sharing this.


    • Kat Huff Says:


      What an awesome comment! Thank you for your sharing too. Wow, my sisters and brothers completely amaze me with Christ in them. I’m always floored by the sweetness of their love and openness of their hearts.


      • Frank Prescott Says:

        Thank you for your encouragement. In this in-between phase of leaving the IC and seeking a more organic expresison of Christ, your comment brings much joy. Though a local expression is more desired, I realize that our exchange and those exchanges on other blogs are not to be taken as insignificant. Though the medium is electronic it is not without value. I recognize Christ in others despite the mode of how that is happening. If Christ is lifted up, then He will draw all men (people) to Himself.

  3. Jamal Jivanjee (@JamalJivanjee) Says:


    As always, a beautiful post:) As I was thinking about your post this morning, I realized why your post is so beautiful. This post was about how Christ was revealed through a conversation you had while attending your sister to her doctor’s appointment. The beautiful thing is that not only was Christ revealed through the conversation itself, but Christ was also revealed through your telling of how Christ was revealed! How beautiful:)


    • Kat Huff Says:


      Thank you, my dear brother! I never gave it much thought, but at least half of the patients in that waiting room heard every word of that conversation and witnessed Christ in the outstanding responses of this elderly couple. The others were listening, I know they were, because everyone stopped talking. As I said, it was crowded, but it became totally quiet during the conversation with this man. After all, I could not speak too softly, because then he wouldn’t have heard my voice. I wasn’t looking at them, but I could feel them listening, if you know what I mean.


  4. Peter Says:

    I still love the story, sister! I can’t help but see that Christ was the real Doctor within you.


  5. Lazarus Project: Revolutionary Transcendence of a Reborn life Says:

    Beautiful! Love encounters like this…


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