Welcome to Harvest of Pearls!

Harvest of Pearls is the website of Kathy Huff, that’s me. My friends call me Kat, which I prefer. I established this site so that I may share Christ with you, and that you may share Christ with me. I have been writing prose and poetry for about four years now. I thought about publishing my writing in book format, but I decided to copyright my writing and have it available online for all to read. Thus, Harvest of Pearls became an Internet site instead of a series of printed books, though I may at some point decide to publish in book format. Expressing Jesus Christ with one another is the goal of Harvest of Pearls.

A pearl is formed as a result of the friction caused by a grain of sand in an oyster. The oyster turns that injury, that suffering, into a precious, luminescent pearl, a precious treasure. This thought always reminds me of what Paul of Tarsus asked, “Does not nature teach you?” All that is physical has a greater Reality, and that Reality is Christ! All things were created in, to, for, and through Christ Jesus. His expressions are endless, because He is endless.

Please check back often, because I will be adding my writings to this site throughout the coming year. I hope you enjoy Christ in me that I long to share with you. You will find that I’m rather simple in my writings; that is just how I am. Expressing Christ in us is not a complicated matter. Harvest of Pearls speaks Christ, our Life.

In Love!

22 Comments on “Hello!”

  1. Josh Says:

    Looks great so far, Kat.


  2. Pam Frazier Says:

    Looks great sis, I’ll keep checking in to see when you start posting, are you going to announce when you something new? Can’t wait!!


  3. John Wilson Says:

    looks great sis, simple and beautiful like a pearl, 🙂


  4. Will Rochow Says:

    Loving it already, sis. Can’t wait to follow your heart here too. To God be the glory!


  5. Jamal Jivanjee Says:


    I am very glad that you have created this site. Because of Christ in you, you are truly a pearl to the body of Christ. Thank you for creating this venue to share Him with all of us. I look forward to the future of this blog with great anticipation!


  6. Kat Huff Says:

    Brother, thank you very much. I am grateful for the heartfelt encouragement from my sisters and brothers — pearls.


  7. Catherine Seebald Says:

    What they said, Kat! Loving Christ in you. 🙂


  8. Lindy Combs Says:

    I love the picture and title. This looks like a great place to camp.


  9. Alvin McKay Says:

    Good measure of Christ Jesus and more to come I anticipate. Bless ya sis.


  10. Christopher Holmes Says:

    Hi Kat i got the message from Frank about your site and was excited to share it with my wife.


  11. Clark Says:

    I was excited to see your site here Kat. I’ll definitely be a “follower” of Christ, the Pearl of Great Price, in you, of your heaven-scented prose and poetry. .

    “The good woman out of the good treasure of her heart brings forth what is good…for out of the fulness of the heart her mouth speaks.” Luke 6:45

    “As I mused, the fire burned, and I spoke with my tongue.” Psalms 39:3


  12. amylaird3 Says:

    Kat, Over the past year or so, I have been venturing more and more into organic Church blogs and literature and have come across your blogs and posts here and there. I Just want to say that I appreciate your thoughts and your heart for our Lord. Thanks for sharing them both. I share a similar heart to see and indwell the multifaceted expression of Christ in and through one another: His body. Its an encouragement to hear from others along the same journey!


    • Kat Huff Says:


      Thank you for your encouraging comment! I would go so far as to say that the we share the same Heart, the eternal longing of our Father IN Christ Jesus. And all the fullness of God dwells IN Christ, and since Christ dwells IN us, we share the Heart of His fullness—IN the Oneness of God.


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