Kat’s Favorite Blogs

There is a wealth of insight and conversation in this list. If you would like to visit one of the following blogs, then just click on the name. Happy reading!


The Rebuilders, Milt Rodriguez

The Assembling of the Church, Alan Knox

Searching Together, Jon Zens

3rd Race, R.C. and Bridget Babione

John S Wilson III Blog, John Wilson

Loving Like God, Jay Ferris

re: Think, Tobias Valdez

Beyond Evangelical, Frank Viola

Straight Plow, Seth Roach

The King’s Presence, Peter Ski


3 Comments on “Kat’s Favorite Blogs”

  1. John Wilson Says:

    woot, I made the list, 🙂


  2. jimpuntney Says:

    In this we are not individual, we are one ‘in’ the One who makes us one. We love ‘one another, submit to ‘one another’ , and learn from ‘one another’.

    You are a ‘precious stone’ Kat, a treasure, and a voice crying out echoing our Father’s heart.


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